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Ever get that “I’m going too fast” feeling?  Look no further than your own wrist with your very own S.L.O.T.H.-Band.  The S.L.O.T.H.-Band is your guaranteed reminder to slow down and relax!

Why buy the S.L.O.T.H.-Band?  Because it’s the fitness fashion accessory of the century and green goes with everything! Just ask Robin Hood.

So go ahead and buy two or three S.L.O.T.H.-Bands as they make amazing gifts. And don’t worry about forgetting to charge your S.L.O.T.H.-Band as it doesn’t require electricity.  Just the power of your mind!

We are doing an introductory price of $3.99!

10% of all S.L.O.T.H.-Band profits will be donated to The Sloth Sanctuary, dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, release and research of sloths and conserving the Costa Rican rainforest. Did you really think we would donate to something like the “Make Giraffes Taller” Foundation?


Unfortunately, we must collect sales tax from residents of New York State. Your options are to move to New Jersey, (no, we didn’t think so), or just suck it up and realize that is the price you pay for being able to claim New York as your hometown.

Image is a representation of what the S.L.O.T.H-Band will look like.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 x 4 x 2 in

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    Love that one doesn’t actually have to go out to a store to buy it.

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